Friday, May 8, 2015

I'm Back, Baby!

May 8th... well, five minutes away from May 9th.
The last time I wrote was May 10th, 2013. Two years ago.
It feels like an auspicious coincidence.

It feels like the completion of a large circle (or---as a wise man once said---a large pass around a spiral... a lot like a circle, but we're moving up!)

The last time I wrote I was at the beginning of a two year tussle with postpartum depression, the development of an anxiety disorder, a nervous breakdown, and an impossibly long recovery journey. I capped it all off with a second baby. Motherhood is like some weird form of torture. It will either break you or make you stronger... or break you and then make you stronger.

I'm stronger. Gentler. Softer. Kinder. Quieter. Simpler. And stronger.

I'm The Kawa Mama! But today, I know what that really means in a deeper and more profound way than I did on May 10, 2013.

I'm back, Bay-Bee!!!

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