Friday, May 15, 2015

Loving Ugly People... and Other Beautiful Things

A few days ago a friend was telling me about her journey through the adoption process... she had to fill out paperwork which detailed what kind of disabilities in a child she would be willing to adopt.

Will you take a child with autism?
Will you take a child with cerebral palsy?
Will you take a child permanently wheel chair bound?
Will you take a child infected with HIV?

It occurred to me that when we talk about how Jesus adopted us as sons and daughters, we usually think of ourselves as cute little orphans with big round "hold-me" eyes and all of our limbs in place.

But what Jesus really did was.... he adopted the mentally-handicapped quadriplegic with HIV.
And that person is me.

Also this week, I attended a dinner to benefit and raise awareness of Citizen's Advocate: a sponsorship program pairing able-bodied folks with mentally and physically disabled/differently-abled folks.

The people who shared their testimonials of pouring out their time, energy, and love for the handicapped invariably said, "They have touched me more than I could imagine." And yet somewhere deep down in my heart, I have to be honest, I was glad that they are doing it so I don't have to. Isn't that truly sad?

When I realize how deeply the Father has bent down to wrap his arms around me (adopting me, the most handicapped, ill, unpleasant human with all love) how can I not long to pour myself out for others... ugly others... difficult others... completely-different-than-me-others? Because they are NOT completely different than me. We are the same.

I'm good at loving pretty people. Good at loving my own beautiful children. Good at loving my friends who think like me, eat like me, parent like me, look like me.
I'm basically a Narcissistic Lover... I love things that reflect myself.

Lord teach me to love as you love. Not looking for myself in others, but looking for you.

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  1. I work with those kids...the ones with autism and cerebral palsy and wheelchairs...and you know what? They are really, truly beautiful. They fill me with joy. And your post made me realize again, suddenly, that God sees me that way too - not just broken and disabled - I mean, I am - but that doesn't for a moment change that his heart for me is filled with JOY. Someone who is loved without caveats. Ahhhhh. Thank you for sharing this, it sparked such wonderful thoughts for me.