Monday, May 25, 2015

Highlights & Lowlights

These are the highlights of my day!...... Because it's a lot harder to take pictures when the shit is hitting the fan... which is what it has been doing pretty much the rest of the time.

Highlight:  Pickled home grown cucumbers with my own brine & spice blend.

Lowlight:   I totally bit my husband's head off for leaving for work at the exact moment that I had two screaming naked hungry children and no help getting lunch on the table. I didn't say thank you for the things he did... I just complained about the things he didn't do. And I feel bad. 
Not fair. 
Foul on the play.
I'm sorry.

Highlight:  These glowing ruby beauties from the garden. (Actually a friend's garden, because my garden looks like the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree of gardens this year... not enough sun.)

Lowlight:  It took me TWO HOURS to get the baby to sleep... after waking 6 times with him between 12am & 9am last night. After the zillionth time of him waking up, I had this churning rage foaming at the back of my throat. I did not "give of myself" joyfully or with grace and compassion. I growled, "Do you want me to give you something to cry about!?"
I'm sorry.

I don't think it's fair to just give the pretty pictures without also admitting to the screwed up parts of life. It's really the daily struggle that makes the pretty parts worth it and more beautiful, right?

So, thank you God for the beautiful... and help me God with the ugly.

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