Saturday, May 9, 2015

Don't Shower... SKETCH!

I should have showered after the kids were down for naps... cause I actually went to the gym!!

But treadmills are boring, and my brain is always going a million miles an hour... so I came up with an idea, and I had to sketch it.

What if we built little bitty single-person houses as permanent structures for homeless or transient populations? 

+ What would the programmatic needs of this population be?
+ What are the security concerns?
+ What are the constraints (environment, demographic, materials, etc.) that impact design decisions?

So I sketched and came up with this little guy.  Lots o' notes. I won't bore you.

Good little exercise.
I wonder if I could get a KickStarter thing going to make a few prototypes and install them in the Transient Camp under the Savannah Bridge?  That would be fun. We could do "post-user analysis" to see how they helped the community. Simple and direct. I like this idea.

Don't steal my idea! ... Or do, I guess... The more good we do, the more good-er the world is.

That's all. Now it's shower time.

***** EDITED TO ADD ******

And then a friend of mine sent me this!

Somebody is totally doing this!!! Niiiiice!
We can do it too, and do it better. That's the beauty of design.

***** EDITED TO ADD MORE *****

I've been looking at that guy's pictures and I like how we both have two key elements.... slant angled roof and a window that pitches out. Form follows function. Thumbs up.

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