Friday, December 14, 2012

Connecticut Tragedy

When tragedies like this happen, we often wish the shooter hadn't killed himself for two reasons...

1. We want to ask him, "Why?"
2. We want to see justice done.

But there is no "Why" that can explain, justify, excuse, or soften our judgement of such villains.

And there is justice. Eternal and inescapable justice. When a servant has served his master so well as such a man has served Satan's purposes, he will reap an eternal reward for his specific kind of faithfulness. I do believe that.


Eye Boogers

We've got eye goop in the house.

I don't know what causes clogged tear ducts, but I woke up to green boogers on Eames' face. Boo hoo... I just hate to see him looking like he might be suffering. Seems like every time we're around big groups he gets some ailment.

I'm doctoring with warm compress, duct massage, and... drum roll please... breastmilk. It's full of antibodies and germ fighting white blood cells. I do the compresses and massage while he feeds because he is calm and still.... then when he is done eating... SQUIRT SQUIRT!! Into the eyes go a stream of milk.

My attempt to cure his acne by the same means totally backfired! LOL! Now my husband laughs at me every time I squirt milk in our son's face...

This time it'll work.

I love finding home based solutions for sickness. I'm not a total nature mom... most of the nature moms think I'm a yuppie! But our bodies are amazing and designed to heal themselves if we give them a little boost in the right direction. My father was ever-so-briefly an emergency medicine doctor, and he got so fed up with mothers rushing their child to the ER for antibiotics at the slightest sniffle. With my admiration for the power of the human body & my father's angst ringing in my ears, I find it empowering to find natural ways to help my son reach full health again.

That's all for now,

The KawaMama

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Carded

I'm addressing my Christmas cards to all you good little boys and girls... and I gotta tell you, they are beautiful!

I'm just dying to show you ALL the Christmas cards I've been working on... but since they are for private clients the only responsible thing to do is to preserve their Holiday secrets until they are delivered.

The same goes for my cards... you'll have to wait and see! But keep your eyes peeled... HoHoHo.

The KawaMama

Monday, December 10, 2012

The Tree Hunt

The infamous Christmas Tree Hunt!  When I was a kid, the Tree Hunt consisted of shouldering an axe, tromping through the woods, hacking down approximately 3 scrubby pine-like bushes, lashing them together, & sticking this conglomerate in a bucket of water.  The awkward stepchild of an evergreen would be forthwith covered in lights and ornaments, and live out its final days under the complimentary epithet of "Tree."

Now that I live in the city where axe-wielding in people's backyards is summarily frowned upon, we set out for Home Depot....

Underneath the fragrant tent, we discussed the merits of branch strength, height vs. width, and Frasier vs. Douglas (pssh! not even a debate!). Our little beauty was easy to spot in the thicket... and of course we had to photo-document...

Eames went from tolerant... to annoyed... to angry (mommy trying to coax)... to angry (mommy gives up and pouts too)... tooooooo.... asleep. Whew. Christmas tree hunting is hard work.

After a nap, he enjoyed the lights on the finished product.

All in a day's work.

Special thanks to the best supporting actor... Kawa Papa.


Thursday, December 6, 2012

Oh! Oh, I See.

I always poo-pooed the people who told me, "You'll have your hands full with that baby!" 

What? It's a baby! It can't go anywhere... it eats, stares at stuff, cries, sleeps, repeat. "Those" people must be easily flummoxed. I'll be rolling in free time.

Mmm. Yes. Well. I stand corrected..... on top of a pile of laundry & dishes & unmailed ThankYou notes, with a baby on one boob, a breast pump on the other, a pail of diapers in hand, a spare paci dangling from my teeth, and client orders balancing on my unwashed head.

Here's the truth, it's not hard work... it's just a lot of little things that only leave you with time to get things done in 45 minute intervals every three hour cycle. During one of those 45 minute intervals, you look around at the To Do List and think, "Dear god, I need a nap!" because you never sleep more than 2.5 hrs at a stretch. During the next cycle you think, "I guess I should eat..." not because you care, but just to keep your milk supply up.  During the next you think, "I need to pump!" so you can build your frozen milk stash in case you die or ever want to be more than 5 feet from your baby for more than 2 hrs in the coming year. Oh yeah, and the dog should eat and go out... and visiting my friend, the Toilet, has to happen in there somewhere. By this time you're 9hrs in, thanking God you wore your excercise clothes to bed so, if anyone comes over, it looks like you got dressed this morning.

But here's the good news:  My whole life I've berated & hated myself for not doing enough. For the first time, I can honestly look at the debacle around me and think, "I'm AWESOME!!! I am single handedly sustaining life in a human!!"  Oh, and PS, I made it too. =) With my belly. Hands free.

And I typed this whole post with one hand... because, you guessed it, I'm nursing.

The KawaMama

(As you can clearly see, these pictures were taken by me, and have nothing to do with this post.)