Monday, December 10, 2012

The Tree Hunt

The infamous Christmas Tree Hunt!  When I was a kid, the Tree Hunt consisted of shouldering an axe, tromping through the woods, hacking down approximately 3 scrubby pine-like bushes, lashing them together, & sticking this conglomerate in a bucket of water.  The awkward stepchild of an evergreen would be forthwith covered in lights and ornaments, and live out its final days under the complimentary epithet of "Tree."

Now that I live in the city where axe-wielding in people's backyards is summarily frowned upon, we set out for Home Depot....

Underneath the fragrant tent, we discussed the merits of branch strength, height vs. width, and Frasier vs. Douglas (pssh! not even a debate!). Our little beauty was easy to spot in the thicket... and of course we had to photo-document...

Eames went from tolerant... to annoyed... to angry (mommy trying to coax)... to angry (mommy gives up and pouts too)... tooooooo.... asleep. Whew. Christmas tree hunting is hard work.

After a nap, he enjoyed the lights on the finished product.

All in a day's work.

Special thanks to the best supporting actor... Kawa Papa.


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  1. You know if you right click over the photo of David and Eames you can have this sweet photo as a 'wallpaper' on your desktop!!!!! We say 'ahhh' everytime we turn on our computer:)