Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Being Present... Not Blogging

It was "David Is Off" day! Woo hoo! The first one in a long time without commitments to weddings, funerals, community service, yard work, you name it. So as you may well imagine, SUNBURNS WERE GOTTEN BY ALL! No, just kidding. Just us big people. 'Cause we're not bad parents... most of the time.

I was continually tempted to do some thinking/reading/writing... or maybe some problem solving in my noggin... or maybe some plotting for the future.... but then I thought, Nope! I'm going to focus on being Present. When my busy busy flittery fluttery skittery scattery always-working-overtime brain wanted to drag me toward some mental task, I tried to remind myself that:

Right Now is beautiful.
Right Now is precious.
Right Now is the only real thing.
Right Now is the foundation for everything that comes after it... so make it strong. Make it count.

To help me focus on the joys of the day (my toddler leaping into the pool, sharing homemade pickles with friends, nursing my baby under a tree, going grocery shopping by myself) I would say in my head: "Thank you God for this good moment. This true moment. I appreciate it for all that it is."

And now that the kids are asleep, my work is done (well, except for all that laundry. meh. oh well.), and my husband is playing with his newly fixed iPad.... I have a quick minute to tell you....

Being Present is Worth the Effort. It's not lost time. It's not lost work. It dignifies everything. It made today great. And you know what... I think it shows! David actually took a picture of me (which never happens... I'm always behind the camera), and I just look so calm and happy. For that matter, my kiddo looks pretty happy too.

Good day, dude. Good day.

That's all. TTFN!

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