Friday, May 22, 2015

Learning from Birds

I write A LOT.... far far far more than ever makes it to a public format.

This morning I was looking for some scrap paper to write a grocery list, and I found this scribbled musing instead:

I was watching birds dive off the branches of my pear tree.... free falling a distance probably 10-15x the length of their own bodies, then artfully shrugging their shoulders to catch a puff of air... slowing their descent and lifting their heads to land on the pencil thin rim of the bird feeder. Simple. Effortless.

Then I watched a mama robin chase her giant adolescent offspring out of the overflowing nest.
They ran and stumbled around the yard like they didn't know they could lift off. They looked hopelessly up at their mother who supervised their stupidity like, "Shoot me your traitor! This sucks!"

Even birds are afraid of hitting the ground. 
Built to fly, engineered to soar! But they have to be shoved out of the nest by someone who recognizes their potential.

I'm afraid to leave the nest because I don't know that I have wings. 
I don't know what my wings are for. 
If I knew, I think I could soar. 

Sometimes you just have to try.

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