Thursday, April 25, 2013

My Mission

Today I asked myself,

"What is your mission within your passion to have your own design business?"

I think a mission has to be bigger than yourself.  If you're just working for your own glory, then I believe you'll be continually frustrated and defeated. At the same time, I wasn't just going to make something up... like people who sell plastic toys, but give 1% to save the whales!  A mission can't be fake just to make you sound better.  I think I got it...

My mission is to empower and accelerate the dreams of passionate people through excellent design.

I imagine the "power bar" of video games over the heads of people who are willing to dream big... they have the idea and the motivation, but they need that super charge blast of something special to go, "Buurrrr-ZING!!" and make the dream GO.  I think I do that.  When I deal with small business owners, I have the vision, the creativity, the practicality, the marketing-mindedness, and the mad skills to take their concept and make it concrete... sexy concrete.

Branding for a business is like wearing the right clothes to an interview. Sure, you may be a professional on the inside... but you're not really going to make it until you're professional on the outside.  Your dream may be 100% radical on the inside, but if it looks like a cheap clipart disaster, other people aren't going to catch the vision.  Being radical on the outside matters too.

That's my mission. My vision. My dream. I've already gotten the chance to live it out on a few projects this year... and I  know that I'm going to do it on a bigger and better scale every year for the rest of my life.

The KawaMama


  1. Sweet Dreamer....always dream...never give up....dreams can't come true if they haven't been dreamt:)

  2. Beautiful. Love what you have said here :) You are awesome to work with Blair :)