Saturday, April 13, 2013

Cup o' Joy

Many people say, "Food is just for fun before 1."  You are often encouraged to nurse exclusively until 6mo minimum. Of course, some go much longer and some stop sooner. We're rapidly approaching 6 months. And I just can't BELIEVE it!!!!  I just can't BELIEVE that its been almost half a year that this little man has been with us. 

We're still exclusively breastfeeding. We're doing a modified version of "Baby Lead Weaning" at the moment... basically we're waiting for him to initiate interest in food before starting to replace breast milk with it. 

While food seems to hold basically zero appeal for my little chunk, he is totally entranced with the idea of cups and spoons. When he sees a cup or a spoon come out of the cabinet he goes nuts!  So we thought it was time to get him his own.

After a brief demonstration, he seemed to know exactly what to do with it.

Ah HA! Gimme!

Wait... what did I do?

Ok, ok, Oshkosh... we'll do it. We'll be your official corporate sponsors... twist our arms!  *wink

In all honesty, I am completely dreading the switch from nursing to food... but that's a whole nother topic!



  1. Would ya just look at those wrist gum bands on that boy!!! He looks like he's eating plenty of the right stuff:) Cups and spoons were made for pounding on the food tray....they make such a delightful sound..... hehehe.
    You've done a great job caring for the little chunk!

  2. He's quite the rolly-poly! (It just struck me that this is kind of a funny thing to say since he is 1/4 Polish. hehe!)