Saturday, April 20, 2013

My First Woven Wrap

I took the leap and bought my first woven wrap!  AHH!  This is a big deal!  Mostly because it's a big investment... (woven wraps can range from $75.00 to $1000.00 new.) 

For being "just a piece of cloth" baby wraps are a surprisingly complicated web of options.

You've got your basic preferences: color, pattern, and texture.  But there are also decisions to be made about material content, thickness, pliability, hand, and size.  I determined that I like wraps instead of buckle carriers or ring slings. I decided I like long wraps that are more grippy than slippery and silky.  Since I live in a very hot climate, I got a linen wrap because they are supposed to have great breathability. I'm very sensitive to color and pattern so I searched for a wrap with a beautiful texture and weave but no visual imagery or color.  This also gives me the opportunity to dye it later if I want to.

How did I determine all this stuff?  I'm a part of a great local babywearing group!  We have a lending library, an information forum online, and we have meet-ups in the park where you can try out different wraps from everyone's stashes.  This is an invaluable resource!  It's like test-driving a bunch of cars before you find the right one.

This is the beauty I settled on...

A Didymos Indio, Size 6, 100% Linen in "Natural Sand" color.

PLUUUUS....  I bought it from a "Wrap Swap" group that I'm a member of online. Women trade and barter their wrap stashes with each other.  If you're looking for an amazing deal, I recommend going this route.  I got an almost $200 wrap (before shipping) for $100 shipping included!!!  Yaaay!!!  Plus, if you don't like what you got or want to try something else down the line, you just swap your wrap for something else or sell it for what you paid in the group.  Wraps don't really lose their value. They're a good investment if you're a part of a wrapping community.

I am completely confident that I got a great deal.  Plus, the thing that makes a wrap awesome is when it is fully broken in and deliciously soft... so part of that break-in process will already be completed for me. Booyah!

Blair's Golden Rules For Buying a Woven Wrap
1) Test Drive Your Options
2) Don't Buy New
3) Accomplish 1 & 2 by finding a babywearing group and learning from them.

I can't wait to share some action shots with you when it arrives in the mail.

The KawaMama
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  1. This looks very cool. Can't wait to see it :) XXX

  2. I need to pick your brain regarding woven wraps! Love my sleepy wrap but now that it's warming up, I'm about to burn up in it! Little C loves to be wrapped so I think I need a linen woven wrap. Is that what yours is? I know you said I need to test drive first, but how about you just tell me what to get and hook me up with your "wrap swap" group! :)