Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A Mustard Seed

I'm baby sitting.

My friend is starting over 100 different little bitty baby herbs.

They're sitting on my kitchen table by the window where they can get the most sun.
She made these sweet little sticks with the names of each plant.  Here is some mustard...

Interesting thing about mustard... if you were a Sunday School attendee as a youth, you've probably heard the little bit about, "Faith like a mustard seed will move mountains."  The point being, mustard seeds are very very veeeeeery small... even a speck of faith can be powerful...

While these plants have been growing, we've learned something else about mustard seeds.... they grow quickly and they are the heartiest of all.  Mustard was the first to show its head out of the ground, and it is the largest and most vital of all the little sprouts to this day.

Let's have faith that begins small, grows quickly, and stays vital.

Sage is nice too.

The KawaMama

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  1. Those are gorgeous photos, Blair! Makes me want to tend some herbs...