Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Last Days

We're in count down mode... Less than 3 weeks to baby time.

I'm completely falling prey to the, "maybe he'll come early?" temptation. 
But... seriously... maybe he'll come early!?

Without going into the gorey details, let's just say... The Signs indicate it could be possible. Or not. The Signs have been tricksy liars before.

My days are still full of awe inspiring new discoveries. But instead of being wonderful surprises, like "My baby has ticklish feet & likes classical music," they are dismal surprises like, "My feet have turned into eternally swollen sea cucumbers & sex is WORK!" 

Still, I'm taking time each day to appreciate the special parts of pregnancy... like the afternoon and evening hiccups baby always gets.  Like that special look my husband gives me that says, "I love you so much... even though you can't get out of bed without a fork lift."  Like scheduling my own naps.

As the old hymn says... "Soon, and very soon" things will be veeeeery different.

At the moment, "Soon" can't come soon enough!

The KawaMama

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