Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Story Time: Adventures in Lolly Land

Once upon a time.... It took all of four days to have a "Panic Moment" in Parenting Land.

It all started with Groupon. We bought two Groupons for the local asian fusion restaurant Ele. My mom (who's grandma title is currently "Lolly") is in town helping us through the first week.  She offered to keep Sweet Baby while we met friends for a dinner. The experience was great, all was well.... until we got in the car to head home. I noticed a message from an unknown Savannah number on my phone.  It was my sister, Anna: 

"Blair... I think you need to head home now..." *hang up*

I looked at David and said, "They called from a Savannah number... that makes me worried... why would they do that?" -- He started driving, and I called back.

"ELLO!?" (Raspy Savannah ghetto neighbor voice.... not my mom or my sister... uuuhh....)

"Hi, I got a call from this number..."

"Oh yeah. Yo mama don' locked hersef out dah house! I let her use my phone." *hang up*

That was the whole conversation. In the blink of an eye, I'm thinking: "Oh my god... is the baby inside, and she is locked outside? Is the dog eating the baby? Is the baby suffocating under a blanket? Is the baby locked outside without a blanket in the cold? What's the worst that could happen?..... That's probably going on right now, and I'm on the other side of town, relaxing with a red curry!"


(I'm not gonna lie, there might have been a moment of hyperventilating before I reigned it in.)

We got home. No sign of huddled masses on the front step. We bolted into the house...

Lolly and Anna were cheerfully grilling chicken for dinner... baby was snoozing placidly in his chair. Mom took one look at our saucer eyes and panic stricken expressions and couldn't stiffle a little, "Tee hehe! Oops."

Long story short... all was well... baby was with them, bundled up snuggly warm... my neighbors are fabulous & accomodating... and I got my first taste of the absolute animal intensity instinct to protect my child. Wow. Life's lessons are already coming down the pipe hot and heavy. Thank goodness for family that keep their heads cool in bad situations and keep smiles on their faces through bumpy roads.

The end.

The KawaMama

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