Monday, October 15, 2012

Nerd Goggles & Other Eyewear

This weekend found me donning my nerd goggles & writing some revised contracts for a Business Logo Package I was recently hired to design. (It's for a massage therapy business in California... and for now that's all I can tell yah... Eeeekk!!)

Of course, I can't really do a post about contracts... because they're boring... but nerd goggles... In the words of Mr. Mugato: "So hot right now."

I'm loving the always-chic Angela Lansbury in these rockin nerd goggles. What an icon!  My aviators usually play the role of a headband and keeping my fly-away hair in check.  I never spend more than ten bucks on glasses because they end up getting sat on or lost within the year.  With Tar-geeet fashion being what it is, I wouldn't even spend $10 on sunnies for my baby boy.

Buuut... if I was going to drop some serious dough, I'd want some shades from Sons and Daughters Eyewear.  The Lenny for me... The Hunter for him...

Yeah, yeah, I know... it's Fall. My posts are not seasonally appropriate... Blogger Fail. =)
The KawaMama

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