Monday, October 15, 2012

Design, Design, Ahead of Time

People tell me all the time, "When baby comes you won't even have time to shower!!"

"Lucky" for me, Baby Kawa will be arriving just in time for the Holiday bustle... & it struck me that I might want to go ahead & design my birth annoucements or thank you cards.

I came up with this whimsical design based on baby blocks & Alphabet flash cards.  The message is tres tres appropo!  "T is for Tired Thankful"

Now that I've revealed them, I'll end up designing something else!  But they're pretty cute, huh?  
I toyed around with the idea of start a little "Etsy Printables" shop... you could buy the high resolution design file and print it yourself... or just email it to your friends and family to save the cost of postage.  I could do custom colors & of course custom designed orders. 
I think it could be the next generation version of the Paperie!
La dee dah... I love to dream...
What do you think? 
The KawaMama

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  1. lol You are sooo cute!!! Love you bunches!!! Can't wait for this boy to arrive:)