Saturday, October 13, 2012

MOM-ALOGUE: Baby Wearing

Yesterday, I joined The Savannah Slingers for a "Sling Meet" in the beautiful Forsyth Park.  (One of the awesome perks of being a WAHM "Working At Home Mom" has definitely been participating in events DURING THE DAY! Whaaat?!) 

This is a "baby wearing" group.  If that sounds like some sick form of animal/small-human cruelty that PETA would not approve, then you clearly aren't up on your contempo-crunchy mom lingo.  Don't sweat.  We all start somewhere. (wink)

"Baby Wearing" is basically just tying your baby to your body and hauling it around like a Sherpa...  It's like a blue tooth... hands free!  I'm a "get it done" kind of girl, and I like to have my hands free, so baby wearing is definitely for me.

The Sav.Slingers get together to swap information, sample the myriad of different slings/wraps/carriers/etc available, and generally geek out about the sweet joys of being a pack horse.

With BabyKawa still inside, I haven't been able to try out my gorgeous orange Moby wrap. My only test subject has been my Shih Tsu... who was none-too-pleased.  At the Sling Meet, I stole somebody's beautiful 2 month old daughter and Moby-ied her up good! 

She loved it!  And sucked a big wet spot onto the wrap.  Clearly a mark of approval!

Baby Kawa didn't necessarily like somebody sitting on his butt... but he got over it.
(PS - Look at my hideously swollen feet!! Gaaah!! Dislike.)

I'm excited to get my own little peanut in this do-hicky.  We're entering Fall/Winter, so its the perfect time to have five yards of fabric and a miniature furnace tied to my chest.  If you're nice and comment on my blog, I'll let you borrow him to keep warm.

The KawaMama

(Photos by Tina Macedo & my iPhone.)


  1. You are a natural Moby Mama. Does commenting include borrowing him in Pittsburgh???

  2. Love your orange wrap!

  3. BabyKawa & I would love to come BabyWear in Pittsburgh! =) and.. Thank you Deborah!

  4. You'll have to teach me how to use the Moby. I want one so badly for this baby!

    1. Clair! I would love to hook you up. Moby's are really great... And if that type of wrap doesn't work for you there are so many neato options that I had no idea about. We actually had our first outing on eames's one week bday... In our wrap!! I'll send you a picture. So fun.