Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Race Relations for Breakfast

Yesterday a man called my husband's work to make a big stink.

(P.S. People love making big stinks. I have a hunch they do it because they need to regain some power they've lost in an unfair world. And they usually take it out on food service workers. Probably because food service is modeled on the servant and master relationship. Folks, can we agree to bless those who serve us instead of curse them? That would be super. On behalf of the families who have to deal with the stressed out partners who work in food service... we thank you for your commitment to not being an ass hat.)

Anyway, this guy pulls the race card as the reason he wasn't allowed to order breakfast... past breakfast time.

I hate to say it, but this happens A LOT. My husband and myself both have great hearts of compassion for the black experience in America. My sweet husband will do anything for his neighbors, shows respect above and beyond to heal the wounded hearts of black men & women (especially the older generations), and understands that hurt people are often the most likely to hurt back... so he has mercy in spades for things like this.

But sometimes we can't help but roll our eyes.

Dear sir, as a white person is who engages hard with her community to break down barriers, challenge thinking, and achieve racial reconciliation... Please STAAP. Don't throw the race card around like it's Willy Wonka's Golden Ticket.

When you see racial injustice, cry out!
When you see prejudice, stand up!
But when you want your egg biscuit during the lunch menu period... go to Waffle House.

Hey, I'm just going to be honest for a minute, I have heard my black friends joking and dishing about how handy the race card can be. Few things make me more sad.

My dearest friends, our goal is not to leverage our power against each other. We are trying to come together. I get it, white power has a lot of perks, why shouldn't you use the race card to getcha' some? All I can say is, two wrongs don't make a right. When you feel vulnerable, remember that there are those of us who are fighting for you in the white culture. Support us in our mission by using your voice to strike at true evil... not at breakfast sandwiches.

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