Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Blub Bluub Bluuub

Have y'all read the children's book, "The Pout Pout Fish"?

He always says, "Blub, bluuub, bluuuuuuuuuuub."

That's my brain today. Bless my heart.

Praise God for great friends that organize play dates so you don't have to come up with something to do with yourself... who don't even flinch when your offspring descend like locust and eat all the snacks.

Praise God for husbands who take children outside who have woken up too early from their naps against all odds.

Praise God for Windex... the weapon of mass fly destruction. So many dead flies.

Praise God I'm too tired to get up and reach for the box of cookies... the cookies will live to see another day.

Praise God for these harem pants... I feel "Euro Chic" while remaining in the functional equivalent of pajamas all day AND (bonus) avoiding the "leggings aren't pants" inner monologue. Winning.

But y'all.... so tired. So very tired. Just feeling worn down. My heart is full of joy! But my mind and spirit and body feel utterly sapped at this moment. When I'm with my children I'm exhausted. When I'm away from my children, I'm guilty... or rushing around trying to do ALL the errands/cleaning/excercise/meal-prep/etc before they come back.

Yes, I'm looking for grace. And I see it! And I celebrate it!

But I'm still so tired right now.


  1. Love, you are strong, busy as all get out and caring for not one not two but three men who just want more each and everyday. You rock! Thank you for being you, and take the much deserved break.

    1. You're so sweet. Thanks for being mine. Love you.