Saturday, August 15, 2015

Marriage Therapy... It's Cheaper Than You Think

You want to know what will make your marriage hot again?

Help friends move.

You know, like, move houses. Boxes... flat bed trucks... the whole nine.

(Le Baiser Blotto photo by Robert Doisneau, 1950)

For starters, you'll be surrounded by friends you love dearly enough to clean out their fridge, so you'll already be in a good mood. Then your husband will be hefting boxes, benching benches, and exchanging witty banter with other sweaty dudes. Mm. Looking like a fox and being all cool and sassy like he was in college (or wherever you met him) before real life made things difficult and adulting ruined all the fun.

Since you're probably sweating through your shirt and wearing your grungiest clothes, there's no sense in being too dignified. Take this opportunity to do something slightly inappropriate in public. Go on, smack his butt! No one's gonna judge. And compliment him in front of everyone. (I think there may actually be real social science studies that show this saves marriages.) Even if there isn't, his heart will grow three sizes, and you'll mean it. Cause look at him. Helping people! What a good guy! You'll kind of wink at each other across the neighbor's lawn while he single handedly wrestles a desk into a pickup truck and you stack boxes like a giant game of Tetris.

It'll make you young again.

The recipe:
Friends + Work + Fun + Laughing + Sassing Each Other + Showing a little PDA (public display of affection, in case you forgot middle school)

Couples bond over fun. Endorphins surge when you're working hard. Sometimes a candle light dinner and Spanx with the pressure of getting intimate after you've eaten too much of the free bread just isn't the answer to revitalizing your marriage.

So start looking now! Who's moving? Anyone? Anyone? Well, keep your eyes peeled. You'll thank me later.

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