Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Boy

Did I mention that holidays are way more fun with kids?  It's true!

Here is our enormous little 5 month old sweetheart in his Easter finery!  He filled every inch of this beautiful, beautiful 9 month old outfit. 

My grandmother (his great grandmother... who incidentally goes by the epithet of "Boom-Boom") gave us this cherubic suit.  I was melting into a puddle of love goo at the total cuteness.  David didn't really grasp the appeal of pleats, hand-stitching, and a Peter Pan collar.  When the first person who ran into us on the street said, "She's so cute!" I think it was an additional strike out... but he went with it... because he loves me.... and really, that's all I ask.... *wink*

(PS - Who would dress a baby girl in a blue suit with no ruffles, flowers, bows, ribbons or anything?  OBVIOUSLY this is a boy suit. Ahem. Just my two cents.)

Our blue eyed boy...  Everyone always comments about how bright blue they are.  What a looker.  Not sure where those came from, but I'm ok with it.  But when teenage girls start ooing and awing over them a few years down the road, I'm probably gonna be a little momma-bear-y.

I literally can't explain to you how much you adore your own children.  David said yesterday, "I totally understand why they say you have to avoid idolizing your own kids!"  Is it idolatry that we skipped the homily to take these photos?  We were running a bit late... he he.
Handsome just runs in the family.  I mean... my hunky husband is just dreamy!  And who can resist a sexy man with a baby in his arms?  It's more powerful than a sexy man with a puppy.
And that's our fashion show...
Now I'm going to post "egg hunt" photos separately.
The KawaMama
(Didn't have time to color correct or edit any of these photos... so consider this #nofilter -- haha)

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  1. Wonderful Easter pictures, Blair! You look gorgeous and your family is just precious. I agree, who would dress a little girl in a blue outfit with no flowers or bows? Some people just don't pay attention! I think E looks so handsome in his little Easter outfit!