Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Stone Cold Fox

Usually "Daddy Dressed Me" turns into an Epic Fail moment.... and we've had our fair share of those, to be sure.  But today... 

The cuteness is literally too much to handle!!!  Gap Baby?  And just when you thought the fun was done...

Hipster glasses hiding inside. Baah hahaha. This was a fun fashion morning. 

P.S. KawaPapa is soooooooo handsome.

P.P.S. He took me on a date late night.... our first date since E was born. My two sweetest girlfriends came and kept E for free. We used gift cards that people had given us from Christmas to get a sumptuous feast. Then we wrapped up the evening with frozen yogurt. It was AWESOME. 

Happy Start of the Week --- I'm off to exercise with one of my dearest buddies.
The KawaMama

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