Monday, June 11, 2012

Bottoms Up!

We took a big plunge in our baby acquisitions this weekend.... we ordered our full set of BumGenius diapers!  Now I get to dish about my cloth diaper research findings, fears, and fabulous color schemes.

Let's start with the fun stuff... color!  We ordered a monochromatic color scheme so that laundry wouldn't feel like a psychedelic trip down rainbow row. With so many absolutely beautiful colors to choose from, it was a hard pick.

Ultimately we settled on the fresh, "Kate Spade-esque" greens. (BumGenius calls them 1-Ribbit, 2-Grasshopper, & 3-White.)  I think, "Calming, gender neutral, fresh, crisp, classy, & cute," when I think about these hues stacked in a drawer, running down the hall, or spilling out of a laundry basket. Aces!

BumGenius diapers are an All-In-One system with tons of Mom&Dad approval.  Parents raved about one-size-fits-all from 10 lbs to 3 years, easy liner stuffing, rare leakage, customizable padding, replaceable elastic & snaps, baby-bum friendly fabrics, color fastness, and super cute hues.  My friend, Deborah, gave me a crash course in changing, washing, stuffing, and adjusting these diapers.... with a kindly assist from her 1yr old daughter Charlotte.  I was sold.

Let's talk cold, hard cash...

David and I calculated that we would spend approximately $1500 a year on disposable diapers (buying the economy brands alone.)  After months of stalking, I found a great deal from The Green Nursery. For a full set of 24 diapers (that will last through as many kids as we may have) we spent a grand total of $330.  $1500 a year for 2-3 kids... verses $300 up front... hmm... you do the math.

Can't wait for them to arrive in the mail!

PS - was AWESOME with their customer service.  They even changed my color selections for me mid-order. Super responsive! Free shipping! I'm going to order something else from them just because they made me so happy. Highly recommend.

Now my Little Bum just needs to get here already!

The KawaMama

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