Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Inspiring Morning...

You've heard the old adage... "It's the little things..."

Today my husband and I woke up early.  True to my promise the night before, I started scrubbing a sink full of dishes (alternately scowling bitterly and gazing wistfully at our broken dish washer). 

He began clearing out the carport in preparation for our backyard barbeque this weekend.  A half hour later he stuck his head in the kitchen and shouted, "You making me coffee woman!?" with an impish grin. It was so cute I decided I'd make eggs and bacon too.

But we only had one egg. So it turned into "Bacon and Grapefruit." 

The morning was still dim and grey and cool... the birds were going nuts in the newly mown grass... it was quiet in that noisy way that city neighborhoods are quiet before 8:00am.  It was just a beautiful morning... so I snapped some shots and I thought I'd share.

I found the colors inspirational.

It's the little things...

The KawaMama

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