Sunday, September 6, 2015

What If?

Why does "What If?" tend to paralyze us when it could just as easily empower and propel us forward?

Why do we face unknowns and say "What if ____________" and fill in the blank with every horror and negative outcome possible?

We could just as easily fill in the blanket with achievement, love, connection, success, laughter, compassion and victory. "What if I fall?" could just as easily be "What if I fly?" But we're rarely brave enough to go there. Imagining the worst somehow seems more responsible. As if mentally noting that it could happen will somehow keep it come knocking at our door.

"What if" is the pitfall of the worrier, but it could also be the gateway of the dreamer.

"What if" can stop us in our tracks, or it could fuel us with hope and direction.

None of us can control the future, but we can control our inner monologue with "What If"... and I think that could radically change our joy, our willingness to risk, our openness, our light.

Today I'm committing to thought-check myself when I begin to ask, "Well, what if ______."  I'm committing to nod at the negative, but only fill in that blank with hope. I won't ignore the scary possibilities, but I'm only going to record the good.

Who knows what will happen... but What If its awesome?

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