Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My Farmers

"To the farmer in all of us..."

To be honest, the hero that they painted here seems so far and away better than I could ever be...
I questioned if there was a farmer in me.  I felt I wanted more farmer in me.

And then I thought of my Daddy.

He is a tractor driving, dirt moving, rock hauling, wood chopping, lake building, pasture clearing, God Fearing man.  He has four daughters and we all think he's Superman.

And I thought of my sister.

She's nursed so many wild animals back to health, she could populate her own zoo, and when she gets bucked off, she gets right back on.

And I thought of my mom.

She's the sustainer of goats, sheep, horses & chickens; the planter of vast gardens; the puller of weeds; the cooker of Paleo meals; the CrossFit beast; the home educator; the On-Duty-At-All-Hours nurse, chaufer, counselor, teacher, wife.

She's a pioneer woman... a Ma Ingles type... who faces life with a stoic and inward sort of resolution. You don't come to this woman whining. You come to this woman if you want to be told the truth and pointed unflinchingly toward faith in the Lord.

Maybe I'm not much of a Farmer... but I come from a family of Farmers... and that makes me proud.


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