Saturday, May 26, 2012

Wood (if) You Pleeaase?

My wonderful father-in-law asked me, "Are you going to be one of the weird moms that only wants their child to have wooden toys?"  Wooden toys?  Like these??

Weeeeell, Walter, since you asked..... yes and no?  I don't mind plastic.  I chewed a fair amount of it and turned out just fine.  But here's the thing:  All the brightly colored, singing, dancing, tooting, whistling, plastic-plastic-plastic ULTIMATELY has to go in my house... my house with the natural fiber carpets, African baskets, velvet pillows, and oiled woods. 

Is it just me or will the harmonious room turn into a melange of clashing hue and visual discord? 

There's enough stress and mess with babies... their stuff might as well visually harmonize with our stuff wherever the twain shall meet.

Luckily... wonderful quality wooden toys are not hard to find!  And thanks to SmilingTreeToys they are affordable too! 
When I saw this bus, my imagination went wild!  Cars with little people were some of my favorite toys when I was little... so much food for imagination.
Also a favorite childhood toy.... stackers!  They were like cakes and pies... jewelry... cathedrals... puzzels...

Yes please!

I fully expect my baby to loose a few toys to the teeth of our dog... so if the child cuts its own teeth ON the dog, its just karma.

So cute.

Anyway... these were a few of my favorites.  Every item comes in at under $30. Most are more like $12-14. This is amazing considering the materials and the craftsmanship. I'm a fan. 


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